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Drill >> mail # dev >> Thrift?

Point taken … +1 for protobuf - from my POV we can close ISSUE-1

> The question of an internal wire format, btw, does not constrain the project relative to external access.

Sounds sensible.

The only one thing I really don't get is: why did you put Avro and JSON into the proposal [1] in the first place? Or is this the 'external access' from above?


[1] http://wiki.apache.org/incubator/DrillProposal

Michael Hausenblas
Ireland, Europe

On 14 Sep 2012, at 22:31, Ted Dunning wrote:

> I think that it is important to ask a few questions leading up a decision
> here.
> The first is a (rhetorical) show of hands about how many people believe
> that there are no serious performance or expressivity killers when
> comparing alternative serialization frameworks.  As far as I know,
> performance differences are not massive (and protobufs is one of the
> leaders in any case) and the expressivity differences are essentially nil.
> If somebody feels that there is a serious show-stopper with any option,
> they should speak.
> The second is to ask the sense of the community whether they judge progress
> or perfection in this decision is most important to the project.  My guess
> is that almost everybody would prefer to see progress as long as the
> technical choice is not subject to some horrid missing bit.
> The final question is whether it is reasonable to go along with protobufs
> given that several very experienced engineers prefer it and would like to
> produce code based on it.  If the first two answers are answered to the
> effect of protobufs is about as good as we will find and that progress
> trumps small differences, then it seems that moving to follow this
> preference of Jason and Ryan for protobufs might be a reasonable thing to
> do.
> The question of an internal wire format, btw, does not constrain the
> project relative to external access.  I think it is important to support
> JDBC and ODBC and whatever is in common use for querying.  For external
> access the question is quite different.  Whereas for the internal format
> consensus around a single choice has large benefits, the external format
> choice is nearly the opposite.  For an external format, limiting ourselves
> to a single choice seems like a bad idea and increasing the audience seems
> like a better choice.
> On Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 12:44 PM, Ryan Rawson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I just commented on this first JIRA.  Here is my text:
>> This issue has been hashed over a lot in the Hadoop projects. There
>> was work done to compare thrift vs avro vs protobuf. The conclusion
>> was protobuf was the decision to use.
>> Prior to this move, there had been a lot of noise about pluggable RPC
>> transports, and whatnot. It held up adoption of a backwards compatible
>> serialization framework for a long time. The problem ended up being
>> the analysis-paralysis, rather than the specific implementation
>> problem. In other words, the problem was a LACK of implementation than
>> actual REAL problems.
>> Based on this experience, I'd strongly suggest adopting protobuf and
>> moving on. Forget about pluggable RPC implementations, the complexity
>> doesnt deliver benefits. The benefits of protobuf is that its the RPC
>> format for Hadoop and HBase, which allows Drill to draw on the broad
>> experience of those communities who need to implement high performance
>> backwards compatible RPC serialization.
>> ===>>
>> Expanding a bit, I've looked in to this issue a lot, and there is very
>> few significant concrete reasons to choose protobuf vs thrift.  Tiny
>> percent faster of this, and that, etc.  I'd strongly suggest protobuf
>> for the expanded community.  There is no particular Apache imperative
>> that Apache projects re-use libraries.  Use what makes sense for your
>> project.
>> As regards to Avro, it's a fine serialization format for long term