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Zookeeper >> mail # dev >> ZooKeeper cleanup / refactoring / scala migration

Thomas Koch 2011-09-02, 13:15
Andrew Finnell 2011-09-02, 13:26
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Re: ZooKeeper cleanup / refactoring / scala migration
Andrew Finnell:
> Thomas,
> Upfront warning. I am not in charge of ZooKeeper or affiliated with them
> except for submitting patches.
> While I understand the power of Scala, what is the major benefit of
> changing all of the Java code over to Scala? Will this outweigh the
> decrease in skill sets that a language such as Java brings? Another
> technology called Kafka is written in Scala. It doesn't have anywhere near
> the support of ZooKeeper. I attribute most of that to it being written in
> Scala, which reduces the pool of developers that can or are willing to
> work on it.
> If your university will truly enhance ZooKeeper I would ask, in an
> unofficial capacity, to ensure there is a strong line of separation
> between items 1 and 2&3. Also keep in mind that I have run FindBugs on ZK
> myself. Some of the fixes will break backwards compatibility. Just be
> aware of that fact.
> It is my opinion (could it not be my opinion?) that a C# version that is
> capable of running on Mono would benefit the community more than a Scala
> version.
> My 2 cents,
> Andrew
Hi Andrew,

thank you for your immediate response. My university has absolutely nothing to
do with this work. It's just that this work will most probably be accepted for
my studies.
There are many factors which could lead to a different community size around
kafka and zookeeper. One factor could be that zookeeper is a more basic tool
then kafka. Zookeeper is also older.
About the smaller number of scala developers, there may be some wisdom hidden
in a quote from Linus Torvalds: "even if the choice of C were to do *nothing*
but keep the C++ programmers out, that in itself would be a huge reason to use

[1] Linus prefers strong language... http://lwn.net/Articles/249460/

Well, C#... Let's just say that I've an opinion on proprietary technology. Did
you know that Scala can compile to .NET? (I've not tested it and there may be
problems, but proper .NET support is on the roadmap of Scala.)

Best regards,

Thomas Koch, http://www.koch.ro
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