Kafka, mail # user - RE: develop customized producer and consumer in java - 2013-05-07, 18:54
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RE: develop customized producer and consumer in java
Hi Libo,

It works for me.  I am on 0.8:
$ git --no-pager log --max-count=5 --pretty=oneline --decorate
e37a4644209de00f265a5361b31ca63cafc895e9 (HEAD) Trivial commit - warn on consumer fetch request errors.
6e640e355632d97e322e462c2bbc379c05d407a4 kafka-880; NoLeaderPartitionSet should be cleared before leader finder thread is started up; patched by Jun Rao; reviewed by Neha Narkhede
2d7403174f8fd6d35fce05585a7ee6edb8af7dd4 kafka-871; Rename ZkConfig properties; patched by Swapnil Ghike; reviewed by Jun Rao
ede85875a3aea5723baf82736cc71bb1a04a6102 KAFKA-872; Socket server should set send/recv socket buffer sizes; reviewed by Jun Rao.
1976ce8069818c2c6d093b5b75e8f7b6653120bc KAFKA-870 hadoop-producer KafkaRecordWriter writes entire input buffer capacity, even when intended payload is smaller; reviewed by Neha Narkhede

Here is my output:
$ ./sbt release-zip
[info] Loading project definition from /home/foo-user/kafka/project
[info] Set current project to Kafka (in build file:/home/foo-user/kafka/)
[success] Total time: 9 s, completed May 7, 2013 6:41:13 PM

Alex Gray

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