Kafka, mail # user - Re: Using Kafka for "data" messages - 2013-06-14, 12:44
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Josh Foure 2013-06-13, 15:22
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Josh Foure 2013-06-13, 19:13
Taylor Gautier 2013-06-13, 20:19
Mahendra M 2013-06-14, 12:03
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Re: Using Kafka for "data" messages
Hi there,

I'm very new to Kafka but am also keen on this use case.

Is the number of topics just limited to the underlying filesystems constraints on number of files in 1 directory? There are other filesystems out there that have practical limits in the range of millions (though programs like 'ls' don't appreciate this).

I'm wondering if Kafka internally will hit another constraint due to the data structure it might be using to manage topics. Not that I have any idea what this is - again, I'm new here.

Thanks for the fun conversation :)



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