Kafka, mail # user - Re: OffsetOutOfRangeException and getOffsetsBefore - 2013-05-24, 21:04
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Sining Ma 2013-05-24, 18:29
Suyog Rao 2013-05-24, 20:32
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Re: OffsetOutOfRangeException and getOffsetsBefore
Thanks Suyog
Could you explain more about OffsetRequest?
I find new
OffsetRequest(topic: String, partition: Int, time: Long, maxNumOffsets: Int)
in Kafka api.
How can I send this request? And where can I receive a response from this OffsetRequest?
Could you give me an example for this API?

   Sining Ma

Suyog Rao 2013-05-24, 21:40
Jun Rao 2013-05-25, 05:09
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