Kafka, mail # user - Re: PartitionOffsetRequestInfo only supports -1 and -2? - 2014-01-08, 01:45
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Re: PartitionOffsetRequestInfo only supports -1 and -2?
    Regarding the arbitrary timestamp, I found that if I use the
it works. But if I use the Java API ( requestInfo.put(topicAndPartition, new
 PartitionOffsetRequestInfo(SOME_LONG_TIMESTAMP, 1));), it only returns an
empty long[].

    I looked at the source of GetOffsetShell, the way the offset is
retrieved is slightly different from using the java api. Could that be a
Scala API:
val offsets = consumer.getOffsetsBefore(request).partitionErrorAndOffsets(

Java API:
consumer.getOffsetsBefore(request).offsets(topic, partition);

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