Kafka, mail # user - Re: Kafka 0.8 build artifacts - 2013-03-26, 23:19
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Re: Kafka 0.8 build artifacts
Hi Soby --

As far as I can tell the zkclient dependency is a leftover from 0.7.2.
With the exception of the migration tool, which has a comment along these
lines but I haven't looked into 0.8 uses the 0.2 version of the library
(available from maven). I submitted a patch to address this, it is in the
pipeline (http://j.mp/13uX6rs).

It is not as simple with the metics library as there are significant API
changes between the 3.0.0-c0c8be71 used in the Kafka code and
3.0.0-SNAPSHOT. There's an open item on that (http://j.mp/10ccTnE);
meanwhile the path of least resistance is to manually add the 2 metrics
JARs to the class path.

I have a fork that addresses the above and has a couple of other minor
fixes. With the caveat that it hasn't been reviewed by the Kafka team yore
welcome to have a look: http://j.mp/ZsSld2

Welcome to the club ;)


On 3/26/13 3:28 PM, "Soby Chacko" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

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