Kafka, mail # user - Re: New Producer Public API - 2014-01-29, 22:41
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Re: New Producer Public API
Hey Guys,

My 2c.

1. RecordSend is a confusing name to me. Shouldn't it be
2. Random nit: it's annoying to have the Javadoc info for the contstants
tml, but the string constant values on
ucer.ProducerConfig.MAX_REQUEST_SIZE_CONFIG. Find myself toggling between
the two a lot. Not sure if this can be fixed easily.
3. MAX_PARTITION_SIZE_CONFIG - this name is kind of confusing.
Specifically, use of the term "partition". thought it was related to Kafka
topic partitions, not grouping together/batching.
4. METADATA_FETCH_TIMEOUT_CONFIG - what happens if this timeout is
exceeded? Do we get an exception on send()?
5. METADATA_REFRESH_MS_CONFIG - why is this useful? Has to do with acks=0,
right? Worth documenting, I think.
6. PARTITIONER_CLASS_CONFIG - link to partitioner interface in javadocs.
Also, missing a period.
7. KafkaProducer.html - send() documentation says "archive" when you mean
achieve, I think.
8. No javadoc for ProduceRequestResult.
9. In ProduceRequestResult, I understand baseOffset to be the first offset
of the set. Is it possible to get the last offset, as well? If I send
messages A, B, C, D, I'm most interested in D's offset.
10. In ProduceRequestResult, prefer Java-bean style (getError,
11. At first glance, I like option 1A in your serialization list.
12. We should definitely not introduce a ZK dependency for bootstrapping
broker host/ports.
13. No favor on the Future discussion. I really^Int.Max hate checked
exceptions, but I also like standard interfaces. It's a wash in my book.

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