Kafka, mail # user - new log.dirs property (as opposed to log.dir) - 2013-06-20, 05:25
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new log.dirs property (as opposed to log.dir)
In the 0.8 config, log.dir is now log.dirs.  It looks like the singular
log.dir is still supported, but under the covers the property is log.dirs.

I'm curious, does this take a comma separated list of directories?  The new
config page just says:
"The directories in which the log data is kept"

Also, how does kafka handle multiple directories?  Does it treat each
directory as a separate replica partition, or what?


Jun Rao 2013-06-20, 05:48
Jason Rosenberg 2013-06-20, 06:02
Jun Rao 2013-06-20, 14:53
Jay Kreps 2013-06-20, 18:08
Jason Rosenberg 2013-06-20, 19:59
Jay Kreps 2013-06-20, 20:21
Jason Rosenberg 2013-06-20, 22:15
Jason Rosenberg 2013-08-14, 20:50
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