Kafka, mail # dev - Re: Kafka patch review process - 2013-09-12, 03:12
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Re: Kafka patch review process
I think this is awesome!

Two quick things:

1. I think once we have vetted review board and this tool it would be good
to consolidate the committer workflow documentation. Currently we have a
git workflow, a review board workflow and a review tool workflow. I
actually do not have the ability to remember any more commands, and have to
jump between projects with different tools, so I refer to these kinds of
things a lot.

2. I don't think this is very good for people trying to make first-time
contributions to Kafka. We already have a fair amount of rigamarole from
Apache with creating JIRAs and uploading patches vs the github workflow
people prefer. The git workflow outlines a contributor and committer
workflow and I think we should retain that distinction and just recommend
the extra tooling to committers.

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