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HBase >> mail # dev >> Minutes from Developer Meetup at HWX October 24th

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Minutes from Developer Meetup at HWX October 24th
Below are rough minutes from the developer meetup last Thursday week down
at HortonWorks: http://www.meetup.com/hackathon/events/144366512/

The agenda was fast moving and the notes I kept were sparse (pardon me).
 Hopefully the below at least conveys some flavor of what transpired.
Below is proposed agenda with discussion filled in in between in italics.




Distributed log

Region online for




Release passes IT tests for time period before




Speculative Read<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pEFqKKxnJWLyOc_jsqmpWcBHl-kC98a969JJ9tVVZEE/edit#heading=h.3xr7mrnpmpby>

Favored node finish



Master Redo<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pEFqKKxnJWLyOc_jsqmpWcBHl-kC98a969JJ9tVVZEE/edit#heading=h.ngm4d0ee18u2>

Secondary indices from


Move to this? Or do Git without gerrit ?

All were +1 on going to GIT.  A gentleman Accumulo fellow present
volunteered to pass us his script for how they made the transition.
DISCUSSION already started on dev list.

Lieutenants/Component Owners

Review.  How is this going?  What can we do to improve?  Not enough reviews
going on.

The list of Component Owners needs an edit.  It is stale.  We need to
revive/renew/refresh this initiative.

More Friction Committing

Not enough reviews of stuff going in and this is a db after all? +1
(eclark) +1 from Dave

Generally agreed.  Pointed at Lieutenants/Component Owners role. Was
thought there should be some sort of automated performance test as part of
hadoopqa.  A benchmark proving no degradation of a claimed improvement is

Better was adding some set of general micro benchmarks... and then do them
on your machine before and after and paste findings.

Compat testing

Now that 0.96.0 is out the door, we should be careful about changes that
are compat-breaking.  Any ideas on how to best avoid/detect such changes?
 Also maybe have a discussion about how wire compat/protobufs changes how
we do things, how to best utilize it, pitfalls to avoid, what it can’t do?

Formalize compat matrix? Go over the matrix we had 1 year ago. Do we want
to support all combinations, or only between two major releases with some
rolling upgrade model? How to avoid current situation where client does not
scale -- found at last minute running on 80 node cluster!

Test framework do this?  But would have to be a non-apache context because
no resources there to do it.  There are the jdiff and compare. We have to
do rolling upgrade tests. Deprecations in .protos too. Remove after a
release. Just go version numbers. Write up the matrix. How to avoid issues
like the recent client not scaling.  Need perf tests.  Need
microbenchmarks. Modular so can pull out and simulate rpc.  Tests like
that.  Standup simple server done in proto
MTTRDistributed log replay

Relax semantics; it is ok to allow out-of-order edits?  Or fix?

Distributed log replay going to be done in 0.98 using tags.
Region online for writes

Lets just do this.


- Short term perf/scalability regression (0.96) time frame

- Long term (0.98/1.x/2.x) time frame.

- Asynchbase on 0.96 - almost there.

Should we remove support for setting timestamp. Lars says set it in
HTableDescription. Sequence number and ts.  Sequenceid  Perhaps add new
coordinate. Out-of-order deletes. Ts w/ the value.  Make it configurable
and do optimization.

*Aditya brought up new c-client effort.*

- tags.

- reverse scan

- issue with cells? (intel guys at mtg?)

Where is the branch?

is 0.98 == 1.0?

- when to drop hadoop1 support? next year?
98.x becomes 1.0 Security not as a CP but in codepath. Do check in the
code. Make security first class. But security was always good for dev'ing
CP. Make it a required CP. Integrated w/ simple testing. Enable
Authorization by default.  Permissive mode needs to be added. Small perf
We need better defaults -- especially for 1.0. Revisit the docs, the
refguide.  An edit. Questions, the docbook.... Formatting is a pain. Docathon?
 ….but no one would show up. Drop hadoop1 post 1.0.

New release adoption

- What can we do for 0.96 adoption

- People are still using 0.90

Within versions, update.
NEW: Monitor These Apps!
elasticsearch, apache solr, apache hbase, hadoop, redis, casssandra, amazon cloudwatch, mysql, memcached, apache kafka, apache zookeeper, apache storm, ubuntu, centOS, red hat, debian, puppet labs, java, senseiDB