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Pig >> mail # dev >> Begin a discussion about Pig as a top level project

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RE: Begin a discussion about Pig as a top level project
I see this as a multi-part question. Looking back at some of the
significant roadmap/existential questions asked in the last 12 months, I
see the following:

1. With the introduction of SQL, what is the philosophy of Pig (I sent
an email about this approximately 9 months ago)
2. What is the approach to support backward compatibility in Pig (Alan
had sent an email about this 3 months ago)
3. Should Pig be a TLP (the current email thread).

Here is my take on answering the aforementioned questions.

The initial philosophy of Pig was to be backend agnostic. It was
designed as a data flow language. Whenever a new language is designed,
the syntax and semantics of the language have to be laid out. The syntax
is usually captured in the form of a BNF grammar. The semantics are
defined by the language creators. Backward compatibility is then a
question of holding true to the syntax and semantics. With Pig, in
addition to the language, the Java APIs were exposed to customers to
implement UDFs (load/store/filter/grouping/row transformation etc),
provision looping since the language does not support looping constructs
and also support a programmatic mode of access. Backward compatibility
in this context is to support API versioning.

Do we still intend to position as a data flow language that is backend
agnostic? If the answer is yes, then there is a strong case for making
Pig a TLP.

Are we influenced by Hadoop? A big YES! The reason Pig chose to become a
Hadoop sub-project was to ride the Hadoop popularity wave. As a
consequence, we chose to be heavily influenced by the Hadoop roadmap.

Like a good lawyer, I also have rebuttals to Alan's questions :)

1. Search engine popularity - We can discuss this with the Hadoop team
and still retain links to TLP's that are coupled (loosely or tightly).
2. Explicit connection to Hadoop - I see this as logical connection v/s
physical connection. Today, we are physically connected as a
sub-project. Becoming a TLP, will not increase/decrease our influence on
the Hadoop community (think Logical, Physical and MR Layers :)
3. Philosophy - I have already talked about this. The tight coupling is
by choice. If Pig continues to be a data flow language with clear syntax
and semantics then someone can implement Pig on top of a different
backend. Do we intend to take this approach?

I just wanted to offer a different opinion to this thread. I strongly
believe that we should think about the original philosophy. Will we have
a Pig standards committee that will decide on the changes to the
language (think C/C++) if there are multiple backend implementations?

I will reserve my vote based on the outcome of the philosophy and
backward compatibility discussions. If we decide that Pig will be
treated and maintained like a true language with clear syntax and
semantics then we have a strong case to make it into a TLP. If not, we
should retain our existing ties to Hadoop and make Pig into a data flow
language for Hadoop.


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From: Thejas Nair [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2010 4:08 PM
To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Dmitriy Ryaboy
Subject: Re: Begin a discussion about Pig as a top level project

I agree with Alan and Dmitriy - Pig is tightly coupled with hadoop, and
heavily influenced by its roadmap. I think it makes sense to continue as
a sub-project of hadoop.


On 3/31/10 4:04 PM, "Dmitriy Ryaboy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Over time, Pig is increasing its coupling to Hadoop (for good
> reasons), rather than decreasing it. If and when Pig becomes a viable
> entity without hadoop around, it might make sense as a TLP. As is, I
> think becoming a TLP will only introduce unnecessary administrative
and bureaucratic headaches.
> So my vote is also -1.
> -Dmitriy
> On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 2:38 PM, Alan Gates <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> So far I haven't seen any feedback on this.  Apache has asked the
>> Hadoop PMC to submit input in April on whether some subprojects
your voice heard.
projects more aware of us.
on search statistics.
Hadoop's website.
user base and usability of Hadoop.
a community have.