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Pig >> mail # dev >> Pig 0.11

Hi all,
    Tried to take a look at the jira's Olga mentioned. Thought it would be
easier to compile a list instead of reviewing and commenting on each jira.
Here is a initial list that I compiled as a kick starter for the

Query used:

project = PIG AND fixVersion in ("0.11") AND (status = open OR status "patch available") ORDER BY status DESC, key DESC
Jiras for 0.11:
 * PIG-2972 and its subtasks - Umbrella ticket for test failures in
* PIG-2793 and its subtasks - Make Pig Work on Windows without Cygwin
 * PIG-2756 - Documentation for 0.11
* PIG-2980 - documentation for DateTime datatype
 * PIG-2996 - The buildtin function "ToDate" has been mapped with wrong
class names
        * PIG-2982 - add unit tests for DateTime type that test setting
 * PIG-2907 - Publish pig 0.23 jars to maven
* PIG-2898 - Parallel execution of e2e tests  ( I want this badly in :))
        * PIG-2927 - SHIP and use JRuby gems in JRuby UDFs (Russell
requested for this in 0.11)
Confirmation based on Owner/Reporter ??:
    * PIG-2981 - add e2e tests for DateTime data type (Thejas)
    * PIG-2815 - class loader management in PigContext (Raghu Angadi)
    * PIG-2812 - Spill InternalCachedBag into only 1 file (Haitao Yao)
    * PIG-2767 - Pig creates wrong schema after dereferencing nested tuple
fields (Daniel Dai/Jonathan Packer)
    * PIG-2614 - AvroStorage crashes on LOADING a single bad error
(Jonathan Coveney/Russell Jurney)
    * PIG-2537 - Output from flatten with a null tuple input generating
data inconsistent with the schema (Daniel Dai/Xuefu Zhang)
    * PIG-1967 - deprecate current syntax for casting relation as scalar,
to use explicit cast to tuple (Thejas)
    * PIG-1919 - order-by on bag gives error only at runtime (Thejas)
Candidates for moving to 0.12:
    * PIG-2937 - generated field in nested foreach does not inherit the
variable name as the field name
    * PIG-2834 - MultiStorage requires unused constructor argument
    * PIG-2657 - Print warning if using wrong jython version
    * PIG-2362 - Rework Ant build.xml to use macrodef instead of antcall
    * PIG-2312 - NPE when relation and column share the same name and used
in Nested Foreach
    * PIG-2997 - Provide a convenience constructor on PigServer that
accepts Configuration
    * PIG-2939 - Pig macros need namespaces to avoid namespace collisions
facilitate macro sharing
    * PIG-2889 - HBaseAvroStorage UDF
    * PIG-2830 - Macros should work in Grunt
    * PIG-2687 - Add relation/operator scoping to Pig
    * PIG-2681 - TestDriverPig.countStores() does not correctly count the
number of stores for pig scripts using variables for the alias
    * PIG-2674 - Document how parameter values that contain spaces can be
passed to Pig
    * PIG-2643 - Use bytecode generation to make a performance replacement
for InvokeForLong, InvokeForString, etc
    * PIG-2641 - Create toJSON function for all complex types: tuples, bags
and maps
    * PIG-2633 - Create a SchemaBag which generates a Bag with a known
Schema via code gen
    * PIG-2631 - Pig should allow self joins
    * PIG-2630 - Issue with setting "b = a;"
    * PIG-2628 - Allow in line scripting UDF definitions
    * PIG-2625 - Allow use of JRuby for control flow
    * PIG-2624 - Handle recursive inclusion of scripts in JRuby UDFs
    * PIG-2595 - BinCond only works inside parentheses
    * PIG-2591 - Unit tests should not write to /tmp but respect
    * PIG-2584 - Command line arguments for Pig script
     * PIG-2552 - Better Property handling to deal with deprecation and
variable substitution of Hadoop config
    * PIG-2522 - deprecated hdfs pig commands do not work well with client
side tables
    * PIG-2521 - explicit reference to namenode path with streaming results
in an error
    * PIG-2461 - Simplify schema syntax for cast
    * PIG-2446 - Fix map input bytes for hadoop 20.203+
    * PIG-2434 - investigate 5% slowdown in TPC-H Q6 query in 0.10
    * PIG-2424 - Add OUTER_FLATTEN operator which, on an empty bag, returns
null instead of throwing away the row
    * PIG-2423 - document use case where co-group is better choice than join
    * PIG-2416 - 23 local mode enter into infinite loop if mapred-site.xml
in classpath
    * PIG-2409 - Tracking URL for hadoop 23 does not show up
    * PIG-2407 - Clean up warning messages for hadoop 23


On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 4:32 PM, Olga Natkovich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote: