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[expand - 5 more] - Re: Prefix salting pattern - HBase - [mail # user]
...You may be missing the point. The primary reason for the salt prefix pattern is to avoid hotspotting when inserting time series data AND at the same time provide a way to perform range...
... scans. http://blog.sematext.com/2012/04/09/hbasewd-avoid-regionserver-hotspotting-despite-writing-records-with-sequential-keys/ The data being inserted will be a constant stream of time...
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   Author: Software Dev, 2014-05-18, 16:40
[expand - 1 more] - Re: Rowkey hashing to avoid hotspotting - HBase - [mail # user]
... hot data (like in example above: with keys prefixed with model, the whole several regions containing data of same model may have data that is frequently accessed). In this case HBase...
...You might be right, when reading load concentrated on single/several RS they will not act as dead as when it is hotspotting during writing. I think I referred more to "uneven read load...
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   Author: Alex Baranau, 2012-07-17, 18:49
[expand - 1 more] - Re: Adding a new region server or splitting an old region in a Hash-partitioned HBase Data Store - HBase - [mail # user]
...://blog.sematext.com/2012/04/09/hbasewd-avoid-regionserver-hotspotting-despite-writing-records-with-sequential-keys/  And some older discussions by experts on this topic: http://search-hadoop.com/?q=prefix+salt+key+hotspot...
   Author: Shahab Yunus, 2013-06-27, 15:11
[expand - 1 more] - RES: Rowkey hashing to avoid hotspotting - HBase - [mail # user]
... r anymore. 2 - Salting, by prefixing your current rowkey with a pinch of hash. Notice  that the hash portion must be your rowkey prefix to ensure a kind of balanc ed distribution over...
...Hi Anand,  As usual, the answer is that 'it depends'  :)  I think that the main question here is: why are you afraid that this setup  would lead to region server hotspotting? Is because you...
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   Author: Cristofer Weber, 2012-07-16, 19:00
[expand - 1 more] - Re: HBase Region/Table Hotspotting - HBase - [mail # user]
... of the key (but then you loose the ability to do range scan across keys).  If you still need to scan rows according to their sort order you can "salt" (as some call it) the key by prefix...
...The most common cause for hotspotting is inserting rows with monotonically increasing row keys. In that case only the last region will get the writes and no amount of splitting will fix...
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   Author: lars hofhansl, 2013-02-11, 05:14
[expand - 5 more] - Timestamp as a key good practice? - HBase - [mail # user]
....  With this schema, I can find the files by ID very quickly and I can find the files which need to be updated pretty quickly too. But it's hotspotting one region.  1) Hotspotting. 2) Salting. 3) Key field...
... until the timestamp reach a certain value and move to the next region (hotspotting).  I have a table with a uniq key, a file path and a "last update" field. I can easily find back the file...
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   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2012-06-13, 16:16
[expand - 1 more] - key design - HBase - [mail # user]
...Hello folks,  i am trying to come up with a nice key design for storing logs in the company. I am planning to index them  and store row key in the index for random reads.  I need to balance...
... the writes equally between the R.S. and i could not understand how opentsdb does that with prefixing the metric id. (i related metric id with the log type) In my log storage case a log line just has...
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   Author: mete, 2012-05-21, 14:56
Consider individual RSs performance when writing records with random keys? - HBase - [mail # user]
.../timeseries data. If simplified, the idea is to add random prefix to the row key so that writes end up on different region servers (avoiding single RS hotspot).  2. When writing data to HBase with salted...
...Hi,  1. Not sure if you've seen HBaseWD (https://github.com/sematext/HBaseWD) project. It implements the "salt keys with prefix" approach when writing monotonically increasing row key...
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   Author: Alex Baranau, 2012-05-17, 14:23
Re: Splitting an existing table with new keys. - HBase - [mail # user]
... servers. In other other words, at each bulk load, we face hot-spotting but not at the end like the conventional case but it can be any where in between the row-key range of our table. Please...
...So the situation here is that we are trying to bulk load data in to a table. But each load of data has such range of keys that it will go to a specific continuous chunk of the region...
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   Author: Shahab Yunus, 2014-08-19, 20:30
[expand - 3 more] - Re: Is there a problem with having 4000 tables in a cluster? - HBase - [mail # user]
...So you should salt the keys in the reduce phase but u donot salt the keys in HBase. That basically means that reducers do not see the keys in sorted order but they do see all the values...
... for a specific key together.  So the Hash essentially is a trick that stays within the mapreduce does not make it into HBase. This prevents you from hotspotting a region and since the Hash is not being...
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   Author: Varun Sharma, 2013-09-24, 23:22
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elasticsearch, apache solr, apache hbase, hadoop, redis, casssandra, amazon cloudwatch, mysql, memcached, apache kafka, apache zookeeper, apache storm, ubuntu, centOS, red hat, debian, puppet labs, java, senseiDB