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Re: Disable major compaction - HBase - [mail # user]
...Moving the question to user mailing list. Hi Yaniv, Even with this setting, you might still have some major compactions if all the stores are selected for a compaction. Any specific...
   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2014-02-12, 14:14
Re: Disabled automated compaction - table still compacting - HBase - [mail # user]
...Hi David,  Minor compactions can be promoted to Major compactions when all the files are selected for compaction. And the property below will not avoid that to occur.  Section there...
   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2013-07-09, 14:41
[expand - 10 more] - Re: Why is this region compacting? - HBase - [mail # user]
...Can you past logs a bit before that? To see if anything triggered the compaction? Before the 1M compactions entries.  Also, what is your setup? Are you running in Standalone? Pseudo...
   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2013-09-24, 16:13
[expand - 2 more] - Re: Compaction problem - HBase - [mail # user]
...Hi Tarang,  I will recommand you to take a look at the list archives first to see all the discussions related to compaction. You will found many interesting hints and tips.  http://search-hadoop.com/?q=compactions...
...&fc_project=HBase&fc_type=mail+_hash_+user  After that, you will need to provide more details regarding how you are using HBase and how the compaction is impacting you.  JM  2013/3/22 tarang dawer : ...
   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2013-03-22, 12:35
Re: Compaction time - HBase - [mail # user]
...So can you simply do something like disabling automatic compactions, and run small manual one after each light job? That way it might not impact you heavy job with a big 40 minutes...
... compactions since data will almost alway be compacted correctly? You can even maybe keep the automatic compaction to on if you do that since when you heavy job will run, your data compaction...
   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2013-03-04, 12:50
[expand - 2 more] - Never ending major compaction? - HBase - [mail # user]
..., and there is a lot of horsepower behind it.  I asked a major_compaction few hours ago. Let's say, about 5 hours ago. and it's still compacting! But all servers activities seems to be null. CPU usage...
... is almost 0.  There is nothing on the master logs.  How can I see what's going on? Is there a way to see the compaction queue?  JM ...
   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2013-01-01, 19:42
[expand - 1 more] - Re: GC peaks during major compaction - HBase - [mail # user]
... load, 30GB is fine. However, when you start to do the compactions, you start to see the GC issues. You can try G1. There will be a performance impact, but might get you on a more stable path...
   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2014-08-20, 15:27
Re: HBase (Compaction and Region) Event Listeners - HBase - [mail # user]
...Hi Otis,Have you looked at coprocessors?http://hbase.apache.org/book/cp.html (Follow the links)There is also some being implemented for deletes trackers.https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse...
   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2014-05-29, 03:44
Re: Major Compaction in 0.90.6 - HBase - [mail # user]
...Hi Monish,  Any reason for you to use 0.90.6? It's a pretty old version.  Have you considered moving to a more recent one?  JM  2013/8/19 Monish r  ...
   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2013-08-19, 13:49
[expand - 1 more] - Re: difference between major and minor compactions? - HBase - [mail # user]
...Hi Yun,  There is more differences.  The minor compactions are not remove the delete flags and the deleted cells. It only merge the small files into a bigger one. Only the major compaction...
... (in 0.94) will deal with the delete cells. There is also some more compaction mechanism coming in trunk with nice features.  Look at: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-7902 https...
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   Author: Jean-Marc Spaggiari, 2013-06-22, 13:24
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