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[HADOOP-6499] Standardize when we return false and when we throw IOException in FileSystem API - Hadoop - [issue]
...Currently most of the methods in Hadoop FileSystem has 2 ways of returning errors:1. Return false2. throw an IOExceptionWe should standardize what should happen in what case, so that the cal...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-6499    Author: Zheng Shao, 2014-07-29, 23:48
[MAPREDUCE-1374] Reduce memory footprint of FileSplit - MapReduce - [issue]
...We can have many FileInput objects in the memory, depending on the number of mappers.It will save tons of memory on JobTracker and JobClient if we intern those Strings for host names.FileInp...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAPREDUCE-1374    Author: Zheng Shao, 2014-07-29, 23:33
[HADOOP-6135] Fix hadoop-config.sh to work with symlinked bin directory - Hadoop - [issue]
...The old code does not work if "hadoop/bin" is a symlink. In that case, "hadoop/bin/../conf" may not represent "hadoop/conf"....
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-6135    Author: Zheng Shao, 2014-07-23, 20:16
[MAPREDUCE-621] hadoop streaming to support shell pipes: "tr ' ' '\t' | cut -f 3,4" - MapReduce - [issue]
...Hadoop streaming does not support shell pipes, but a lot of times shell pipes are very useful for processing streams of data.I don't see any reason that hadoop streaming cannot support it....
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAPREDUCE-621    Author: Zheng Shao, 2014-07-18, 06:22
[HADOOP-3341] make key-value separators in hadoop streaming fully configurable - Hadoop - [issue]
...By default, hadoop streaming uses TAB as the separator in all places.  However in some environments, user may want to use customized separators (e.g, ^A = \u0001).The separator logic in...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-3341    Author: Zheng Shao, 2014-07-17, 19:47
[HIVE-860] Persistent distributed cache - Hive - [issue]
...DistributedCache is shared across multiple jobs, if the hdfs file name is the same.We need to make sure Hive put the same file into the same location every time and do not overwrite if the f...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HIVE-860    Author: Zheng Shao, 2014-07-02, 08:52
[HIVE-775] Hive to support "Set" type - Hive - [issue]
...Thrift supports a type "set" which maps to "java.util.Set". Hive should support this as well.We can either add "set" to "array", "struct", "map", or we can just treat "set" as an "array" whi...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HIVE-775    Author: Zheng Shao, 2014-05-01, 18:37
[HIVE-537] Hive TypeInfo/ObjectInspector to support union (besides struct, array, and map) - Hive - [issue]
...There are already some cases inside the code that we use heterogeneous data: JoinOperator, and UnionOperator (in the sense that different parents can pass in records with different ObjectIns...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HIVE-537    Author: Zheng Shao, 2013-11-14, 03:32
[HIVE-270] Add a lazy-deserialized SerDe for space and cpu efficient serialization of rows with primitive types - Hive - [issue]
...We want to add a lazy-deserialized SerDe for space and cpu efficient serialization of rows with primitive types.This SerDe will share the same format as MetadataTypedColumnsetSerDe/TCTLSepar...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HIVE-270    Author: Zheng Shao, 2013-09-07, 14:51
[MAPREDUCE-1577] FileInputFormat in the new mapreduce package to support multi-level/recursive directory listing - MapReduce - [issue]
...See MAPREDUCE-1501 for details....
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAPREDUCE-1577    Author: Zheng Shao, 2013-08-24, 01:28
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