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[HADOOP-10452] BUILDING.txt needs to be updated - Hadoop - [issue]
...BUILDING.txt is missing some information about native compression libraries.  Noticeably if you are missing zlib/bzip2/snappy devel libraries, those will get silently skipped unless you...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-10452    Author: Travis Thompson, 2015-05-07, 23:05
[HADOOP-10329] Fully qualified URIs are inconsistant and sometimes break in hadoop conf files - Hadoop - [issue]
...When specifying paths in the *-site.xml files, some are required to be fully qualified, while others (specifically hadoop.tmp.dir) break when a fully qualified uri is used.Example:If I set h...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-10329    Author: Travis Thompson, 2015-03-09, 18:50
[HADOOP-10409] Bzip2 error message isn't clear - Hadoop - [issue]
...If you compile hadoop without bzip2-devel installed (on RHEL), bzip2 doesn't get compiled into libhadoop, as is expected.  This is not documented however and the error message thrown fr...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-10409    Author: Travis Thompson, 2015-02-19, 19:11
[SPARK-2499] spark-default.conf parser doesn't ignore inline comments - Spark - [issue]
...If you add a comment to spark-default.conf at the end of a line, spark will try to parse it, example:spark-default.confspark.ui.port=0 # This forces the webui to always start on a random por...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SPARK-2499    Author: Travis Thompson, 2015-01-23, 13:35
Re: In hindsight... Re: Thinking ahead to hadoop-2.6 - Hadoop - [mail # dev]
...There's actually an umbrella JIRA to track issues with JDK8(HADOOP-11090), in case anyone missed it.At LinkedIn we've been running our Hadoop 2.3 deployment on JDK8 forabout a month now with...
   Author: Travis Thompson, 2014-09-17, 22:34
[HDFS-6084] Namenode UI - "Hadoop" logo link shouldn't go to hadoop homepage - HDFS - [issue]
...When clicking the "Hadoop" title the user is taken to the Hadoop homepage, which feels unintuitive.  There's already a link at the bottom where it's always been, which is reasonable. &n...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HDFS-6084    Author: Travis Thompson, 2014-07-10, 02:31
[HDFS-6180] dead node count / listing is very broken in JMX and old GUI - HDFS - [issue]
...After bringing up a 578 node cluster with 13 dead nodes, 0 were reported on the new GUI, but showed up properly in the datanodes tab.  Some nodes are also being double reported in the d...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HDFS-6180    Author: Travis Thompson, 2014-04-24, 19:14
Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Hadoop 2.4.0 - Hadoop - [mail # dev]
...+1 non-bindingBuilt from git. Started with 120 node 2.3.0 cluster with security andnon HA, ran upgrade (non rolling) to 2.4.0.  Confirmed fsimage is OK andHDFS successfully upgraded. &n...
   Author: Travis Thompson, 2014-04-02, 00:43
[MAPREDUCE-5792] When mapreduce.jobhistory.intermediate-done-dir isn't writable, application fails with generic error - YARN - [issue]
...When trying to run an application and the permissions are wrong on mapreduce.jobhistory.intermediate-done-dir, the MapReduce AM fails with a non-descriptive error message:Application applica...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAPREDUCE-5792    Author: Travis Thompson, 2014-03-17, 19:05
[HDFS-5935] New Namenode UI FS browser should throw smarter error messages - HDFS - [issue]
...When browsing using the new FS browser in the namenode, if I try to browse a folder that I don't have permission to view, it throws the error:Failed to retreive data from /webhdfs/v1/system?...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HDFS-5935    Author: Travis Thompson, 2014-02-22, 14:53
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elasticsearch, apache solr, apache hbase, hadoop, redis, casssandra, amazon cloudwatch, mysql, memcached, apache kafka, apache zookeeper, apache storm, ubuntu, centOS, red hat, debian, puppet labs, java, senseiDB