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Re: question about hdfs data loss risk - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...thanks thats helpful   On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 6:03 PM, Bertrand Dechoux wrote:  ...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2013-10-27, 23:15
question about mapred.local.dir for hadoop 1.x - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...if i specify multiple directories on separate disks in mapred.local.dir, will a task write to one of them, or to all of them?  and if one of those disks becomes full, will the task be s...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2013-03-14, 21:26
UTF16 - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...is it safe to upload UTF16 encoded (unicode) text files to hadoop for processing by map-reduce, hive, pig, etc? thanks! koert...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2013-01-25, 04:53
Re: MiniMRCluster not behaving in hadoop 1.0.4 - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...ant sets classpath for me but i have same issues when i set it myself. for example i can run it like this: java -cp lib/test/*:build/classes:build/test com.tresata.hadoop.mapred.MapRedTest &...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2012-11-10, 19:42
hadoop jar question - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...i am looking at the code for RunJar.java which is behind "hadoop jar" for hadoop 0.20.2 (from cdh3u5).  i see 1) jar is unpacked to a  temporary directory 2) the file URLs of all t...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2012-11-03, 23:14
map-red with many input paths - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...currently i run a map-reduce job that reads from a single path with a glob: "/data/*" i am considering replacing this one glob path with an explicit list of all the paths (so that i can chec...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2012-10-17, 00:25
GenericOptionsParser - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...Why does GenericOptionParser also remove -Dprop=value options (without setting the system properties)? Those are not hadoop options but java options. And why does hadoop jar not accept -Dpro...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2012-10-03, 17:38
Re: Is there a way to turn off MAPREDUCE-2415? - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...Harsh,  I see the problem as follows: Usually we want to have people log what they want, as long as they don't threaten the stability of the system.  However every once in a while ...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2012-08-26, 18:39
Re: ethernet bonding / 802.3ad / link aggregation - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...Thanks! I will post results. What is the recommended way to measure it? (I am on Centos 5.x)  On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 1:58 PM, Mohit Anchlia wrote:  ...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2012-08-26, 17:59
Re: is hadoop FileSystem class thread-safe? - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...On Sun, Aug 5, 2012 at 6:13 PM, Koert Kuipers  wrote:  ...
   Author: Koert Kuipers, 2012-08-07, 15:16
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