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[HIVE-6294] Support for CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS - Hive - [issue]
...It would be nice if it were possible to skip index creation on a table if the index already exists. This would simplify greatly some Oozie workflows that I have. It seems generally (not only...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HIVE-6294    Author: David Morel, 2014-01-23, 20:44
Re: Hive query taking a lot of time just to launch map-reduce jobs - Hive - [mail # user]
...On 26 Nov 2013, at 7:02, Sreenath wrote:    I was thinking RCFiles would be an advantage but was confusing their utility with that of indexes used on non-partitioned data, my bad. ...
   Author: David Morel, 2013-11-26, 10:53
Re: Difference in number of row observstions from distinct and group by - Hive - [mail # user]
...On 25 Nov 2013, at 9:06, Mayank Bansal wrote:   Instead of going circles, I would put the 2 result sets in 2 tables  (with a concatenated PK made of your 3 columns, with some separ...
   Author: David Morel, 2013-11-25, 13:46
Re: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space - Hive - [mail # user]
...On 22 Nov 2013, at 9:35, Rok Kralj wrote:   what does echo $HADOOP_HEAPSIZE return in the environment you're trying  to launch hive from?  David...
   Author: David Morel, 2013-11-25, 12:22
Re: HiveServer2 - Hive - [mail # user]
...On 18 Nov 2013, at 21:59, Stephen Sprague wrote:   When setting fs.hdfs.impl.disable.cache to false I have all my ALTER TABLE  statements involving managed tables throw an Error 1 ...
   Author: David Morel, 2013-11-19, 19:33
Re: Seeking Help configuring log4j for sqoop import into hive - Hive - [mail # user]
...On 12 Nov 2013, at 0:01, Sunita Arvind wrote:    This is usually the case when your PK (on which Sqoop will try to do the  split) isn't an integer.  my 2c.  David...
   Author: David Morel, 2013-11-12, 00:52
Re: Partition performance - Hive - [mail # user]
...On 2 Jul 2013, at 16:51, Owen O'Malley wrote:   That is still not really answering the question, which is: why is it slower to run a query on a heavily partitioned table than it is on t...
   Author: David Morel, 2013-07-03, 12:19
Re: How to connect to HiveServer 2? (Only through JDBC?) - Hive - [mail # user]
...On 26 Jun 2013, at 15:21, Christian Schneider wrote:   Generally you can generate some code using thrift (and the  cli_service.thrift file provided with hive).  An example of ...
   Author: David Morel, 2013-06-27, 15:06
Re: Avro Backed Hive tables - Hive - [mail # user]
...On 7 Mar 2013, at 2:43, Murtaza Doctor wrote:   Hello,  in that case it is advisable to start a new thread, and not 'reply-to'  when you compose your email :-)  Have a ni...
   Author: David Morel, 2013-03-12, 07:57
Re: Cartesian product detection in the query plan? - Hive - [mail # user]
...On 28 Jan 2013, at 17:58, Edward Capriolo wrote:   Makes complete sense, I should have thought of it sooner. Thanks a lot!   Well, I guess that answers the question. Thanks again :...
   Author: David Morel, 2013-01-28, 17:16
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