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[expand - 1 more] - Re: GC pauses and rebalance failures - Kafka - [mail # user]
...Deliberate variation of the retry/backoff parameters on a per-client basis is probably an even more complicated work-around than bumping up the session timeout.  I've never tried it bec...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2014-04-14, 20:41
Re: where is my kafka ip address in ZK. I get nothing in a broker ID - Kafka - [mail # user]
...That information is in that node, not under it (you want a get() insteadof a get_children())...Dave DeMaagd | S'aite Reliability Engineering, Y'all[EMAIL PROTECTED] | 818 262 7958([EMAIL PRO...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2014-02-12, 22:45
Re: Is there a way to get the offset of a consumer of a topic? - Kafka - [mail # user]
...You can use either the MaxLag MBean (0.8):http://kafka.apache.org/documentation.html#monitoringOr the ConsumerOffsetChecker (0.7 or 0.8, can't seem to find a doc reference for it):./kafka-ru...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2013-12-04, 20:50
Re: Kafka Important Metrics - Kafka - [mail # user]
...I've also used jolokia, http://jolokia.org/, though it can get a little slow to respond if you don't use it right.  Have rolled a JMX/HTTP 'data dumper'from scratch (can be done in a co...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2013-07-03, 16:08
Re: Log4J setting for kafka - Kafka - [mail # user]
...The danger of using a size based rollover (unless you set the size andlog rollover to be fairly high) is that in case of problems, the actualcause of the problem might get rolled off the end...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2013-07-01, 18:45
[expand - 1 more] - Re: Fetch request with correlation id 1171437 from client ReplicaFetcherThread-0-1 on partition [meetme,0] failed due to Leader not local for partition - Kafka - [mail # user]
...Unless I'm misreading something, that is controlled by thetopic.metadata.refresh.interval.ms variable (defaults to 10 minutes),and I've not seen it run longer than that (unless there was oth...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2013-06-28, 18:47
Re: exception report - Kafka - [mail # user]
...The loas+found directory is part of the Linux extN filesystem semantics, and yes, it would be a terribly idea to try to remove it - it isautomatically there at the top level of a disk mount ...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2013-05-13, 19:50
Re: Kafka Monitoring, 0.7 vs. 0.8 JMX - Kafka - [mail # user]
...I think there's really two angles to look at this from...1) What is 'important' to monitor?  Meaning, what subset of these areimportant/critical for being able to tell system health (th...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2013-05-08, 22:07
Re: java, oom, gc stop the world - Kafka - [mail # user]
...It's worth noting that we currently run kakfa at LinkedIn with a 5G heap (not 3G, still using the CMS GC though - should update that), and the info on that wiki is aimed at 0.7.  We are...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2013-01-23, 04:24
Re: Manage Kafka using supervisor, failed to restart - Kafka - [mail # user]
...Yes, that is likely the case - if the kafka-server-start.sh you're using is the 'out of the box' version, then you're getting a shell running the java process, and supervisor is likely only ...
   Author: David DeMaagd, 2012-10-22, 17:25
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