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Re: New Learner for Haddop and Hive - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...You could just wait until the new Hive book comes out.  I think its sometime this month...  On Sep 7, 2012, at 5:15 AM, "Babu, Prashanth"   wrote:  Hadoop, Hive, etc you ...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-09-07, 18:11
[expand - 3 more] - Re: Legal Matter - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...Pizza and Gin really don't go together.  Now had you said Jack or Jim? Meh I could see that.   The only downside is that the folks in HR can't hold their liquor.  Granted, Kim...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-09-07, 13:54
Re: build failure - trying to build hadoop trunk checkout - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...On Sep 6, 2012, at 6:24 AM, Steve Loughran   wrote:  hostname looks suspiciously close to breaking the RFC-952 rules on  hostnames  testLocalHostNameForNullOrWild(org.apa...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-09-06, 13:11
Re: Data loss on EMR cluster running Hadoop and Hive - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...Max,  Yes, you will get better performance if your data is on HDFS  (local/ephemeral) versus S3.   I'm not sure why you couldn't see the bad block.  Next time this happen...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-09-04, 17:40
[expand - 1 more] - Re: Extension points available for data locality - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...On Aug 21, 2012, at 8:54 AM, Tharindu Mathew   wrote:  out guess work when it comes to making my implementation reliable. node takes over, I want to make sure Hadoop picks the fail...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-08-21, 14:19
Re: Can Hadoop replace the use of MQ b/w processes? - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...There has been some work to replace the use of queues with HBase.  This would be used to feed processes off the queue to help balance out  the load on the cluster.   In one sp...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-08-19, 21:49
Re: OK to run data node on same machine as secondary name node? - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...Please keep in mind that you can run an entire cluster on a single  server. (Pseudodistributed mode.)  Having said that, while you can do something doesn't mean its a good  id...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-08-16, 02:27
Re: New Production Cluster Criticisms/Advice - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...Real clusters are a tad harder than the pseudo cluster.  You may want to consider EMR where you can choose between Amazon's  Hadoop release (Its Apache), MapR M3 or MapR M5   ...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-08-15, 02:42
Re: unsubscribe FYI - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...Is it a co-incidence that Cutting et al live in California?  I think not. :-P  (And he is old enough to remember 'Hotel California')    On Aug 14, 2012, at 7:14 AM, "sath...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-08-14, 12:22
[expand - 2 more] - Re: DataNode and Tasttracker communication - MapReduce - [mail # user]
...The key is to think about what can go wrong, but start with the low  hanging fruit.   I mean you could be right, however you're jumping the gun and are over  looking simpler i...
   Author: Michael Segel, 2012-08-13, 20:39
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