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Re: Text files vs. SequenceFiles - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...David,  I think you've more-or-less outlined the pros and cons of each format (though do see Alex's important point regarding SequenceFiles and compression). If everyone who worked with...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-07-05, 07:47
Re: Can we modify files in HDFS? - Hadoop - [mail # general]
...On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 2:57 AM, Steve Loughran  wrote:   It's my understanding that HBase stores datasets in reasonably small files (a few hundred MB each?) where deltas to a sect...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-07-05, 07:38
Re: Displaying Map output in MapReduce - Hadoop - [mail # general]
...If you set the number of reduce tasks to zero, the outputs of the mappers will be sent directly to the OutputFormat. You can debug your map phase of  a job by disabling reduce and inspe...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-07-05, 07:34
Re: How many records will be passed to a map function?? - Hadoop - [mail # general]
...Short answer: FileInputFormat & friends generate splits based on byte ranges.  Assuming your records are all equally sized, you'll get half your records in each mapper. If your records ...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-06-19, 00:13
Re: Is it possible ....!!! - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...Hadoop has some classes for controlling how sockets are used. See org.apache.hadoop.net.StandardSocketFactory, SocksSocketFactory.  The socket factory implementation chosen is controlle...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-06-10, 15:09
Re: Mapper Reducer : Unit Test and mocking with static variables - Hadoop - [mail # general]
...Varene,  You might want to check out MRUnit. It's a unit test harness that contains mock objects for the context & other associated classes, and works with JUnit.  It's included in...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-05-28, 00:12
[expand - 2 more] - Re: Hadoop Data Sharing - Hadoop - [mail # general]
...Perhaps this is guidance in the area you were hoping for: If your data is i n objects that implement the interface 'Writable', then you can use the SequenceFileOutputFormat and SequenceFileI...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-05-11, 17:34
Re: help on CombineFileInputFormat - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...Zhenyu,  It's a bit complicated and involves some layers of indirection. CombineFileRecordReader is a sort of shell RecordReader that passes the actual work of reading records to anothe...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-05-10, 09:12
Re: Different exception handling on corrupt GZip file reading - Hadoop - [mail # general]
...If you ever wonder "why doesn't Hadoop do _REASONABLE_THING_X_", the answer is usually one of:  * Somebody made a mistake the first time it got written * Nobody needed quite that corner...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-04-15, 16:28
Re: DBInputFormat number of mappers - Hadoop - [mail # general]
...Hi Dan,  It's also worth pointing out that DBInputFormat's queries are written in such a way as to make parallelism more likely to hurt than to help. Each mapper submits a query to the ...
   Author: Aaron Kimball, 2010-04-15, 16:20
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