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[AVRO-1543] libboost_zlib library is not detected but is required - Avro - [issue]
...Standard builds of Boost with the iostreams library and zlib support build two separate libraries, libboost_iostreams and libboost_zlib. Avro is properly setup to detect and link in the form...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AVRO-1543    Author: Sean Middleditch, 2014-07-12, 02:07
[AVRO-1542] std::auto_ptr - Avro - [issue]
...std::auto_ptr is deprecated, meaning that it may be removed from a future version of the C++ standard (though vendors would not likely remove it... probably).Avro should at its next API-brea...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AVRO-1542    Author: Sean Middleditch, 2014-07-12, 02:01
[AVRO-1541] Specific.hh is over-specialized for standard C++ containers - Avro - [issue]
...The encoders in Specific.hh for the C++ stdlib types like string, vector, etc. are over-specialized and take only specific variations of these templated templates. The specializations of cod...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AVRO-1541    Author: Sean Middleditch, 2014-07-12, 01:56
[expand - 7 more] - Re: release 1.7.7 soon? - Avro - [mail # dev]
...Doug,I ran into a different problem in Ubuntu. I created a JIRA ticket and submitted a patch:https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AVRO-1540Does this patch help you?I used Ubuntu 13.04, g++ ...
   Author: Thiruvalluvan MG, 2014-07-11, 09:04
[expand - 4 more] - Re: Avro serialization using php - Avro - [mail # user]
...Thanks so much Joey. I will take a look at java version and try toimplement in php.Here is my version of php that does avro serialization and unfortunately itadds schema to the avro record a...
   Author: Vadim Keylis, 2014-07-11, 05:31
[expand - 10 more] - Re: COnverting CSV files to avro and back to text - Avro - [mail # user]
...I am sure you are using the command from the directory where you have thekitesdk binaries.Instead try this:./dataset csv-schema xxx.csv --class xxx -o xxx.avscThanksDeepakOn Wed, Jul 9, 2014...
   Author: Deepak Sharma, 2014-07-09, 18:07
[expand - 4 more] - Re: Avro compression doubt - Avro - [mail # user]
...Hey Joey,We do need to multiplex schemas over the same channel.And due to the huge size of schema, we are also thinking of sending theschema only once as well, but due to the multiplexing na...
   Author: Sachin Goyal, 2014-07-09, 16:50
[AVRO-1534] Generate shema from a Java object - Avro - [issue]
...Instead of having to provide an already compiled schema, there should be the ability to generate the schema from a java object. That is because in some case, providing the schema is not poss...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AVRO-1534    Author: Moustafa Aboul Atta, 2014-07-08, 08:46
[AVRO-1539] Add FileSystem-based FsInput Constructor - Avro - [issue]
...The current FsInput constructor uses a Configuration object to retrieve the FileSystem. It would be convenient to have an additional constructor that directly took a FileSystem for instances...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AVRO-1539    Author: Allan Shoup, 2014-07-07, 17:15
[AVRO-1538] NettyTransceiver descriptor leaks - Avro - [issue]
...NettyTransceiver created without channel factory results in file descriptors leak while connecting with IOException (java.io.IOException: Error connecting to, NettyTransceiver.java:280).It s...
http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AVRO-1538    Author: Platon Vai, 2014-07-07, 15:16
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